Core Services of Our Software Development Company

A leading custom software development company, Baritechsol offers a variety of services designed to help you achieve a digital transformation using technologies designed for growth and scalability.

Advanced .Net Development Solutions for the New Age Businesses

At BariTechSol, we have a dedicated workforce of .Net Developers. With expertise and experience in the domain, we help you to develop cutting-edge .Net applications integrated with cloud support. Our solutions guarantee stable back-end functionality, as we strive to ensure an immersive and robust .Net experience.

We only use top-tier .Net development frameworks. From mobile to web app, we implement advanced development technologies to build those applications for our esteemed clientele. At BariTechSol, we accommodate clients from diverse industries, using the functionality and security offered by the .Net platform.

Our full-suite of .NET development services include the following:

  • Custom .Net development
  • Migration to .Net platform
  • .Net environment integration
  • .Net Solutions to upgrade infrastructure
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A Reliable Software Outsourcing Company that Caters to Your Requirements

As a growing software outsourcing firm, we promise to deliver top-tier solutions with unmatched functionality. With our outsourcing services, you can expect mitigated risk, cost reduction, enhanced efficiency, and security. We enable different businesses to grow and transform, providing the latest technologies in the software industry.

As a leading offshore software company, our variety of custom software development services helps our clients acquire the transformation they crave, utilizing the highest technology to promote growth and scalability. We want to be a part of our client’s growth journey. And we play our part by offering top-tier solutions that cater to overall business processes.

Our software outsourcing company service provides you with the following:

  • Custom software development outsourcing
  • Full stack software outsourcing
  • Database development
  • Mobile app software outsourcing
  • Enterprise software outsourcing
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Our Custom Software Development Helps Move Businesses Forward

At BariTechSol, we present a customized software development package that suits best to your requirements. Our strategy includes planning, building, and implementing custom software solutions for corporate clientele from diverse industries. Our cutting-edge software development technologies and techniques allow us to build products that enhance workflows with ease.

Our dedicated teams enable clients to empower their businesses and organizations with our customized software solutions that exceed their business requirements. We also ensure that our solutions simplify and improve the company’s operation and elevate work efficiency. With our robust and scalable solution, clients are sure to achieve the level of success they desire.

Our custom software development services provide you with the following:

  • Custom software development
  • Migration to .Net platform
  • Solution integration
  • Maintenance & support
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Database Software Solutions to Manage and Integrate with Your Software Projects

Database development is a critical part of custom software development. It helps keep the data organized and easily accessible. Our custom-tailored database development solutions allow your projects to keep their data clean, secure, and accessible for a variety of connected devices linked to that database.

With an experienced database development team on board, we at BariTechSol are capable of delivering robust and scalable database solutions developed to exceed your business requirements. As a reputed business, you need a reliable database to store valuable company information. We understand that and strive to come up with a solution that truly makes a difference.

Our Database Development Services include:

  • Database consultancy
  • Database development
  • Migration Solutions
  • Data Integration
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Software Development Company That Guarantees Quality for Every Project

As a reputed software development services provider, Baritechsol offers both stand-alone and integrated Quality Assurance services for our clients. Our testers and compliance professionals are some of the best in the industry, and are experts at making sure that the highest quality of product is released to the market.

Our QA and testing services are available to keep your software free from errors. We utilize advanced software testing solutions to ensure better performance and smooth operation. Our proven services let us detect and resolve errors quicker and faster so that our clients can experience top-notch software performance.

Our Quality Assurance and Testing services include:

  • Manual and automation testing
  • Functional testing
  • API testing
  • Performance testing
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Custom Software Development Company That Delivers Quality Enterprise Software Solutions

Baritechsol offers a one-stop solution for custom software development required businesses and enterprises. We are experienced in developing a host of automation tools designed to help businesses improve their workflow, such as an ERP, CRM, or even a HRM. We understand what you need to ensure your company runs smoothly, and we aim to provide just that.

At Baritechsol, we offer feature-rich software solutions equipped with intuitive interfaces and compelling visuals. Our solutions are packed with innovative functionality and ensure to deliver the highest-quality product. We pride ourselves in exceeding clients’ satisfaction – thanks to our dynamic workforce that follow client-approach while working on a project.

Our enterprise software development services come with the following:

  • Comprehensive HRM solutions
  • Feature-rich ERP solutions
  • Intuitive CRM systems to help you manage your consumers
  • Advanced content management systems
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A Team of Professionals Well-Versed in Software Development

With the industry’s best talent on board, we exceed clients’ expectations irrespective of their project requirements. Our developers, system engineers, and testers are capable of handling projects from start to end, ensuring quality and accurate functionality. At BariTechSol, we never compromise on the quality of our services and strive to maintain excellence.

When we collaborate, we ensure to provide secure and scalable software solutions tailored to your business requirements. The workforce at BariTechSol prides itself in creating and delivering feature-rich software projects with reliable frontend and backend codebases. We assure our clients to deliver a futuristic and high-quality software product.

Our professional and expert software development workforce consists of:

  • Frontend developers
  • Backend developers
  • QA and testing
  • Project Managers
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Unparalleled Web Development Solutions for Advanced Businesses

Our expert software developers are quite experienced in delivering a variety of web-based software. From designing the product, to development and support, our software development company creates feature-rich, attractive, and highly functional web solutions for our clients.

We are a group of talented and skilled developers, well-equipped with expertise and technologies to deliver top-tier web development services. Our web development process includes everything that makes a brand stand out in the competitive digital space. Our commitment to excellence is showcased in the work we do and the projects we deliver. Our service is secure and is tailored to your requirements.

Our web development solutions include the following:

  • Front-end web development
  • Back-end web development
  • Full-stack web development
  • Web portal development
  • E-commerce web development
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Complete Mobile Application Software Solutions Designed to Help You Grow

Our mobile application based custom software development services cover all aspects of creating and launching a mobile app for our clients. Our process begins with the business analysis for the app. Next we move towards the UI/UX to deliver a pleasing usage experience. Finally, we develop, test, and deploy the app for your market.

We provide top-tier mobile applications that cover your business requirements. Our app development services cover all applications types, such as native or hybrid. With highly skilled app developers on board, we can assist clients with cross-platform applications with ease.

Our app development services include the following:

  • Native mobile app development
  • Hybrid mobile app development
  • Progressive web app development
  • Cross-platform applications
  • Android app development
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Advanced .Net Development Solutions for the New Age Businesses

At BariTechSol, we have a dedicated workforce of .Net Developers. With expertise and experience in the domain, we help you to develop cutting-edge .Net applications integrated with cloud support. Our solutions guarantee stable back-end functionality, as we strive to ensure an immersive and robust .Net experience.

We only use top-tier .Net development frameworks. From mobile to web app, we implement advanced development technologies to build those applications for our esteemed clientele. At BariTechSol, we accommodate clients from diverse industries, using the functionality and security offered by the .Net platform.

Our full-suite of .NET development services include the following:

  • Custom .Net development
  • Migration to .Net platform
  • .Net environment integration
  • .Net Solutions to upgrade infrastructure
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Looking for Full-Scale Software Development Services?

Get in touch with us today, as we have got the right solutions for your custom software demands.

The BaritechSol Way

Custom Software Development Company

Using the best tech and business talent available, our custom software development services offer comprehensive technology solutions that are guaranteed to boost your business’s digital growth. We do not create custom software solutions for the businesses of today. We develop products that help your company scale and grow, using the latest business technologies.

Top Quality Talent

We hire only the best of the tech talent for our company, because we believe in excellence. Every year, we procure the best industry specialists for our software development services team, so that you can be sure that the product you get is developed and delivered by expert talent.

Dedicated Teams

Working with Baritechsol as your custom software development company means that a set of talented individuals will work dedicatedly on your project. We ensure that every client gets the benefit of a dedicated team to ensure the best products in the shortest time possible.

Latest Dev Technologies

Planning for the future is essential when it comes to business. And as a custom software development company that aims to help its clients grow and scale in the future, we use nothing but the latest technologies and software development standards for our software solutions

Technologies We Use

Tools That Empower Our Custom Software Development Services

At Baritechsol, we aim to deliver top quality software development services designed to improve your business processes, and help your company grow to new heights. Our custom software development company offer a variety of tech expertise, including the ones listed below. By combining new technology trends and industry standards, we create true technological masterpieces tailored to your business requirements.

.NET Development

.NET custom software development services cover the conception and development of a variety of products across several platforms. The expert .NET developers at Baritechsol are skilled in creating software solutions for the desktop and web environments, using Microsoft’s proprietary development platform.

ReactJS Development

ReactJS is one of the most popular cross-platform app development technology today. Our custom software developers use the best industry tools and modern development techniques in order to create feature-rich and scalable desktop and mobile applications for your business on the ReactJS platform.

Angular Development

AngularJS is a popular open-source JS framework developed and supported by Google. It is used to create feature-rich and robust custom software solutions for the web. As part of the MEAN stack, our software development teams use Angular to create web apps to solve your business needs.

Android Native Development

Android Native app development refers to planning, design and developing, and supporting a mobile app for Google’s Android mobile platform. More robust than cross-platform or hybrid apps, the Android native mobile applications developed by Baritechsol are designed to help your business grow and excel.

Flutter Development

Baritechsol’s Flutter apps are developed by some of the best custom software developers in the industry to help you foster a multiplatform presence. The expert software development teams at Baritechsol perform market research, development, and deployment of your Flutter app as per your requirements.

HTML+CSS Development

For a business that needs a basic, static website to establish an online presence, there is nothing better than a plain yet attractive design created using HTML and CSS. Our expert web developers are skilled in creating simple HTML-based webpages that establish the brand presence of your business online.

Server Databases

Relational databases like MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server are in demand for businesses that require transactional entries, and want an enterprise level data center. Our professional database developers evaluate your database requirements and create a stable and scalable database system for you.


MongoDB is a non-relational, and open-source database management system. It works well for small/medium enterprises, who have smaller datasets to assimilate. Our custom software developers are skilled in creating fast, flexible, and robust MongoDB databases as per your business needs.

Custom Software Development Process

Our Pathway to Deliver Perfection

How Our Offshore Software
Development Company Works?

Custom Software Development Services are more than just creating a working product. One of the most critical aspects of product design, is to think about its ease of usability. That is what we strive for at Baritechsol.

Our software developers do not just cater to the technical aspects when developing a solution. They also work on providing the best user experience possible to their consumer. That is why, our teams discuss and research your industry before embarking on your project’s development.

We also understand that the market and its trends can change quite rapidly, even midway through the project. That is why we create products that are flexible for better pivoting to adapt to the new environment easily.

Depending on the industry and project complexity, our project managers select the best project tracking process, such as Agile or Waterfall.

Our 5-step offshoring process model consists of:

  • Receive project.
  • Analyze the project case to understand its complexities & requirements.
  • Develop the custom software project.
  • Test the developed application to test for any issues or anomalies.
  • Deploy the solution as per the client’s needs.

Need to Build a Custom Software Application?

We’ve got you covered, as our developers are efficient in creating advanced software products as per the given requirements.

Our Advantages

One-Stop Custom Software Development Company

At Baritechsol, our custom software development teams always aim to help our clients grow in a highly competitive digital world using our state-of-the-art software solutions. We believe that good management, a dedicated workforce, and a constant drive for research and excellence is what drives a company forward. And only by advancing ourselves can we ensure that our clients excel too.

Enabling Growth

Empower your business with the expert talent available at Baritechsol. Develop robust, scalable, and comprehensive software solutions with the help of a leading offshore software development company.

Boosting Revenue

Our extensive research and development, as well as our mission to maximize our client’s growth through state-of-the-art technology helps us develop products that leverage and grasp market interest.

Guaranteeing Quality

Extensive testing ensures that our custom software development services offer bug-free, feature rich software solutions. From ideation to deployment, our QA teams ensure our trademark quality.

Comprehensive Support

We believe that a client’s involvement is paramount if you want to develop a strong, market-grabbing product. Our customer support teams ensure that our clients are satisfied throughout the dev process.

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