7 Database Migration Tools Every Developer Must Know About

Know About the Best Database Migration Tools Available in the Market

Data is termed to be the most important asset of any organization. Its accuracy and safety matters a lot for the companies, as all of their business functions are dependent on it. Any loophole or ambiguity in the data can disrupt all of their operations, forcing their sales and market reputation to go down immediately. To avoid this, database administrators are strictly advised to secure the company data at all cost. They are often asked to migrate it from one database to another by using different database migration tools. These type of tasks could only be handled by well skilled administrators, especially the ones that have got good market experience offering professional database development services.

The database migration tools certainly make it easy to complete the migration work unless there are no complexities involved in the transfer. As a database administrator, your skillset and knowledge could be tested in conducting this migration process. Though, the database migration tools ease a lot of work, but they will also require your understanding to handle different kinds of tasks. The more knowledge you have, the better you will be able to use different types database migration tools.

Keep in mind that the familiarity with the database migration work will also allow you to pick the right tools for conversion process. It is basically a two-way road that works perfectly well vice versa. In this article, we will briefly discuss some of the best database migration tools available in the market. It will offer great insights to the budding DBAs, as well as will help them to select the right tools for the migration work.

Let’s first start from the basics understanding what the database migration is and how it could be simplified by using certain tools.

What is Database Migration?

Being a beginner software or database developer, you might have come across the term of database migration. It always remains a core subject for the students to understand if they really want to succeed in the field of database development. Without knowing the migration, they cannot secure the sanctity of the database in the wake of any sudden malicious attempt

A database migration refers to the process of transferring central project database from one point to another. To make it simpler, the database base migration allows you to relocate the software data from an old source to a new source. It could happen due to variety of reasons, such as upgrading the infrastructure, securing the data from hacking attacks and more others.

As a database administrator, you should have good knowledge about the migration work. The reason is that you could be asked anytime to relocate the existing database from one source to another. Any delay or loopholes in this process could seriously damage your reputation as a database administrator. It is therefore advised to learn extensively about this process, so that you can resolve any type of data migration work asked suddenly during the eleventh hour of management operations.  

Know About the Best Database Migration Tools Available in the Market

Importance of database migration

Database migration is always considered a critical task because all the company data and information is dependent on its smooth transfer. A lot of times, even experienced database administrators commit mistakes during the migration process. It mostly happens when they are in rush or unable to do everything manually in the migration process.

To solve this problem, database migration tools have been developed by various tech companies. They understood the need of simplifying the migration process, so that database administrators can focus more on other critical tasks. These tools come up with several premade features that allows developers to easily undertake various operations.

Besides doing different tasks manually, database migration tools enables you to perform them automatically. This not only saves your time, but also allow you to pay attention on other hosting related issues. Below, we have discussed some of the common tools that are used frequently by the DBAs to migrate database from one place to another. Let’s take a look at them in detail below.

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Best Tools for Database Migration

Tools for database migration

Being a database administrator, you should have a sound knowledge about the migration tools. They offer great ease in streamlining the migration work, rightly as per the given requirements.

Here are some of the popular tools that could allow you to simplify the database migration work effortlessly.

IRI NextForm

IRI Nextform

IRI NextForm has become a common choice of DBA professionals for performing database migrations. It comes up in multiple versions, offering different kinds of utilities to the users. From standalone data to complete database migration, IRI NextForm helps you to do variety of tasks within just a few clicks. This makes it a great choice for those DBAs who are new to the field requiring assistance from the premade tools.

The platform also offers great capability for larger IRI data management. This is one of the core factors that makes NextForm popular among the database administrators. They can easily manage large chunk of data using this platform, no matter how complicated its structures are.

Coming to the basics, this product can profile and migrate data graphically in IRI Workbench. It is a free IDE built on Eclipse, integrated with several advanced features to ease software designing. The platform also supports more than 200 modern data structures, giving administrators a tremendous capability to perform custom I/O procedures within minutes.



Integrate.io is another fabulous platform that allows DBAs to transfer databases from once place to another. It is a cloud-based data integration platform built with a complete toolkit to manage complex data pipelines. Due to the modernistic application features, it is termed a great solution for developers as well as marketing professionals. They can use its premade features to add, filter and edit data with ease, precisely as per the given requirements.

The solutions offered by integrate.io fits best for multiple industries including retail, hospitality, development and advertising. This is one of the major factors that has made the platform highly popular in the market. The ease to migrate database to cloud makes integrate.io perfect for cloud companies. It is also remarkably scalable, allowing you to perform several migration processes with enhanced functionalities.

With integrate.io, you can connect to different legacy systems at a fast speed. It allows to streamline migration from them without disrupting the process efficiency. This feature comes very handy for the cloud developers, as they always look for faster data migrations. Apart from that, the platform also supports integration with other big names, such as Oracle, Teradata, SQL servers, and more.

AWS Data Migration

AWS database migration

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is renowned globally due to its great cloud computing solutions. Many companies are using AWS services to optimize their digital operations. It has earned tremendous reputation in offering top notch cloud hosting solutions. This has encouraged more and more companies to shift their services on cloud by specifically taking cloud hosting services from AWS.

But, to ensure smooth data migration, they need a tool that can manage all of their operations. That is where AWS Data Migration tool comes in the picture offering spectacular database migration solution to the customers. It is built specifically to automate the migration work, so that developers can focus more on other pressing issues.

This specific AWS tool fits best for cloud based data migrations. Using protected mechanisms, the product enables administrators to migrate databases safely to the AWS platform. The good thing about this product is that it supports both homogenous and heterogeneous migrations. Developers can easily migrate data from Oracle to Oracle (homogeneous) or Microsoft SQL to Oracle (heterogeneous) by using this great tool. This is certainly an astounding migration feature that makes the tool stand apart from the others in the industry.


Rsync database migration

Rsync is yet another a popular choice to migrate data efficiently across computer systems. It allows the developers to migrate the data based on time stamp and file size. It ensures to offer smooth data transfer, no matter how complicated or dense the structure is. As per the research, it works best with the Unix-based systems, acting as an advanced file synchronization program. It provides great efficiency in data transfer, provided you set the right protocols for the process.

The platform performs the database migration using the proven transfer technique of sender and receiver. It first builds a connection between the peers, so that the process can be perfectly initiated at the second stage. This allows to perform the local as well as remote migrations effortlessly. The connection between the peers helps to strengthen this migration, enabling DBAs to feel relaxed during the whole process.

IBM Informix

IBM Informix

IBM is counted among the elites of the tech world. It has always remained on top of the charts due to offering sustainable and advanced computing solutions. The IBM Informix is one of their popular tools that allows DBAs to easily migrate different types of databases. It is built on an advanced infrastructure, allowing administrators to easily transfer data from one IBM database to another.

The migration module of IBM Informix also consists of both modules i.e. homogeneous and heterogeneous. It not only supports data migration between IBM databases, but also provides ease in transfer to other operating systems as well. This includes popular platforms like Oracle, UNIX, Linux, and more others.

IBM Informix is also capable to perform high speed data transfer by using different types of inbuilt system utilities. This includes variety of processes such as db export and db import utility, db load utility, non-logging tables, high-performance loader and more others. Using these smart functions, a DB administrator can easily manage routine migration work without disrupting other core operations of the application.

Azure Documents DB

Azure documents db

Developed by Microsoft, Azure Documents DB is an astounding tool to migrate software application databases. It is mostly preferred when databases are required to migrate into Azure Documents DB. Regardless of the load or server speed capacity, it offers greater level of efficiency in the local transfers. That is why people like its migration process whenever they are transferring any external file to Azure DB.

To make data import simpler and easy, the platform supports transfer from a variety of sources. This includes CSV files, JSON, Azure Table Storage, Amazon Dynamo DB and more others. Besides that, the migration tool also supports vast stack of Windows operating systems, as well as .NET frameworks above than 4.5.1.


Brocade database migration

Brocade is a globally renowned platform for conducting high performance database migration processes. Just like other top names, Brocade also works well in working with homogeneous and heterogeneous data migration modules. It fits well for the data transfer of enterprise level database products, provided you apply the right protocols of the migration.

According to a survey, it is counted among the top 10 database migration products in the world. This defines the great reputation of this migration software, as why people prefer it to transfer larger chunk of data from one source to another.

Final Words

That takes us to the end of this article in which we have discussed different types of database migration tools in detail. As a DBA, it is quite important for you to know about these tools. They come very handy in migrating the data from one source to another. Not just the automation, but these database migration tools also offers perfection in fast data transfer. This is one of the major reasons why people prefer these tools over manual processes, as they feel more comfortable while working with them.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for professional DBAs having sound knowledge of database migration and other functional activities, get in touch with us today. Our team of experts can help you to develop and maintain all types of software application databases, perfectly according to the modern security standards.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is database migration?
Database migration is a process in which the database of a software application is transferred from one source to another. It is usually performed by the experienced DBAs with the help of different database migration tools.
What type of circumstances force DBAs to migrate a software database?
There are different types of situations responsible for migrating a software database. Sometimes, you have to do it because of any imminent hacking attack, whereas alternatively it could also be done due to some regular upgradation process.
Why you should use database migration tools to transfer database?
Database migration tools allow you to automate the entire process of migration. It doesn’t require any manual feedback because everything is already integrated in its platform. It helps to save administrator’s time, provided he/she is following the right process.  
What practices should be followed before migrating a database?
Before migrating a database, you should consider to back up the existing files to a separate safe place. Besides that, you need to also verify the data complexity, as it will help you to pick the right database migration tool for the process.
How many types of database migration tools are available in the market?
There are different types of database migration tools available in the market. Some of the popular among them includes IRI NextForm, AWS Database Migration, Rsync and more others.
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