What is DevOps Consulting and Why it is Needed?

Know About the Importance of DevOps Consulting in Detail

In the fast competitive industry of development, companies can only thrive if they have a structure that supports continuous development and deployment. This cohesive operation has become an important thing to achieve success in the market. If you will try to work without this approach, you can get stuck in different types of problems, or could face delays in executing different tasks. This technique is largely referred as DevOps, and it is recommended must for IT companies. If any organization doesn’t have experience in DevOps, then they are advised to take DevOps consulting services to bridge that gap efficiently.

Today, as we know, not many companies have specialized resources related to DevOps. They usually work with conventional development and IT teams to manage different projects. These teams usually work in silos, meaning that they are not connected with each other. Though some tasks are managed with mutual consultations, but their development and deployment still remains separate. This is the practice that brings delay in executing different types of urgent work. It does not allow automation in the work which is something needed precisely in the modern IT era.

Those companies that are not well versed with the concept of DevOps, are advised to take professional consulting or software outsourcing services. It allows them to get help from the top professionals that are experienced in this field. They know how to manage every operation without causing disruption in the ongoing work. In this blog, we will discuss more about it, so that you can understand why taking DevOps consulting is important for business growth. It will also let you know how DevOps team work and why they should be part of every tech organization.

Let us first start from the basics below understanding what is DevOps and why it is considered so much important in the modern tech world.  

What is DevOps?

DevOps workflow

In conventional tech companies, IT and development teams work separately. They usually work in silos, meaning that their tasks execution, maintenance and support are separate from each other. Some organizations think that this is the perfect model to move forward, regardless of how delay in work could arise multiple times. As per our consideration, this is a wrong approach because the world is now moving fast, and the tech industry is demanding automation in everything.

So, to cope up with this challenge, it is advised to form a working structure that can benefit both teams. It means to create an environment that offers continuous development and deployment without any long disruptions. This is called DevOps and it is termed essential for every IT company. It helps to break the silos and form a connected working structure that is acceptable for everyone. The DevOps teams holds the experience of both development and deployment, hence they could manage every task that is allotted to them efficiently.

With the help of DevOps, teams can bridge the gap by scaling up agile software development methodologies. It includes several functions including continuous delivery, regular cooperation, cross-functional team management and more others. These key operations make DevOps a win-win working model for every organization. It simplifies development, as well as delivering the goods regularly through the testing pipeline to the deployment teams.

Why Companies Need DevOps Consulting?

We all know the fact that every non-tech company do not operates with a skilled IT team. In fact, those who have a separate IT division, does not have DevOps teams to streamline different development tasks. This usually happens due to a variety of reasons, lower budget, limited business scope and more others. This approach often keeps their growth stagnant, as working without IT resources is simply a big problem in itself. It is the demand of the modern world that should be fulfilled by every business regardless of its category in the industry.

Those businesses that are non-technical in nature, needs to hire expert .NET developers or take consulting services from the professional IT agencies. This is where DevOps consulting becomes important. It is the solution for those companies that are working without internal DevOps teams. The consulting services helps them to move side by side with the tech industry in terms of automating and managing every task efficiently.

By taking DevOps consulting, companies can easily work with the advanced set of development methodologies. The reason is that DevOps allow teams to work with agile principles, which indeed supports every advanced method. So, taking these services is quite beneficial for every company. It gives them a great leverage to adapt the best practices of the IT industry and innovate their services according to them. 

How Does DevOps Work?

DevOps working procedure

To understand the working procedure of DevOps, you need to first understand the idea of CI/CD. The bases of continuous integration/continuous deployment forms the core working model of DevOps. If you will fully understand the principles of this model, then DevOps would certainly become easy for you. It does not follow the conventional methodologies of completing tasks one after another. This waterfall method has become quite outdated and it is also termed less efficient for advanced development projects.

The DevOps method simultaneously runs the integration and deployment tasks. It do not holds back the process when anything is in development. Instead, it builds components and passes them to the testing module to streamline the procedure of CI/CD. This means that the development team gets continuous feedback from the deployment team about the state of components. It not only saves time, but also saves the efforts in terms of developing and resolving errors side by side in the application.

With the help of CI/CD approach, you can go for product release, automation and infrastructure modernization easily. It gives you the leverage to push deployments faster, so that everything can be finalized in the application quickly. Furthermore, it ensures to eradicate human error in the software development process, as multiple checks during the development takes care of that problem as well.

DevOps Consultant vs DevOps Engineer: What’s the Difference?

Many people often stay confused whether to hire DevOps consultant or DevOps engineer. Basically, they do not know the differences between them which eventually creates confusion in their mind. It is therefore best advised to first clear up your head by knowing the differences between them. It will let you know how both these roles differ in terms of skills, task allocation, project authority and other grounds.

Generally, a consultant is said to be that professional who is hired on a temporary basis. He can also be hired on the basis of projects, as many companies follow this model to save their overall budget. These consultants are highly skilled as they come with a profound background carrying years of DevOps experience. They provide their knowledge in setting up teams that can handle tasks according to the agile methodology, or they could also oversee the whole project if the rights are assigned to them.

On the other hand, if you will hire a DevOps engineer, then you will get a complete onsite resource. He will be responsible to manage everything related to the development and deployment of applications. This resource will however come in at a much higher cost, as DevOps consulting professionals usually charge more than the developers.

Core Responsibilities of DevOps Consulting

DevOps programming

If you are planning to become a DevOps consultant, you need to first know about the responsibilities of that person. It is certainly not a straightforward role that can be pursued without any knowledge. It requires good analytical thinking, as well as proper knowledge of the working procedures of agile methodology.

A lot of times, beginners do not know about these responsibilities, yet they pick up the role blindly. It is therefore best recommended to first get a know how about the functional requirements of DevOps, as that will help you to become better prepared for the role.

Project Audit

First of all, a DevOps consultant must need to perform a complete audit of the project. This is the primary responsibility of a consultant that needs to be fulfilled immediately after taking the role. It is considered important because audits allow you to know where the project is currently struggling. It also evaluates the performance, which is indeed an important metric of DevOps.

Infrastructure Improvement

Another important responsibility of DevOps consultant lies in the improvement of development infrastructure. It is quite crucial to correct the bases on which the applications are developed. This responsibility falls in the domain of DevOps consulting professionals, hence they must need to work with a strategy that can provide quality improvement results.

Pipeline Automation

Another important thing every consultant needs to do is the automation of development procedures. It is often ignored by the people, yet it is considered a highly important point of DevOps consulting. The automation of different processes is an integral thing of DevOps, hence every consultant should know how to implement it in a chain of deployment pipeline.

Maintenance and Improvements

Last but not the least, consultants are also responsible to continuously see the performance of DevOps applications. Not just that, they also need to improvise it by offering new improvements in the system. This is basically an ongoing work that falls in the domain of DevOps consultant, provided they are hired on long-term basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DevOps?
DevOps is working model in which developers and IT teams work with a cohesive approach. Its primary purpose is to bridge the gap between development and deployment stage. This is required to streamline the overall project development and reduce errors in the application.
What is the importance of DevOps?
DevOps is considered very important for the tech organizations. It ensures to bring automation in the work that helps to do several jobs faster. This is why it is termed important for all the IT companies working in the industry.  
What is DevOps consulting?
DevOps consulting refers to the model in which companies hire IT consultants on a temporary basis. It is required when the parent company is itself not much technical, or they just want to take help from consultants for particular DevOps projects.
What are the responsibilities of a DevOps consultant?
A DevOps consultant is responsible to perform different operations. It includes project audit, infrastructure improvement, deployment automation and few more other jobs.
What is the difference between DevOps consultant and engineer?
There is a key difference between a DevOps consultant and an engineer. A consultant is responsible to improve the processes of a company, whereas the role of an engineer is to provide solutions that can automate different development processes.

Final Words

That takes us to the end of this blog in which we have discussed about DevOps consulting in detail. It is quite an interesting topic that should be well understood to every developer. Those who are looking to pursue their careers in DevOps, must need to know about this field in prior. It is not an easy job, but is quite interesting once you understand the bases of DevOps. This blog has specifically illustrated the importance of DevOps consulting, as well as why it is needed in the business world.

If you are looking for an agency that can offer quality DevOps consulting services, get in touch with us today. Our experts are well versed with all the methodologies of DevOps, hence you can completely rely on them to get quality outsourcing services all the time.

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