Best Property Management Software You Should Use in 2024

Know Which Software Products Can Help You Manage Real Estate Properties

Managing and listing properties often becomes difficult for realtors. It usually happens because of their busy schedule which is certainly the most hectic part of their job. But, that does not becomes excuse for them, because they still have to manage property listings to facilitate their clients all the time. That is where most of these realtors use a property management software to handle all the things. These platforms are highly advanced, as they allow realtors to control everything from a centralized dashboard.

A property management software provides various types of benefits to the realtors. It not only helps them to list down properties, but also allows to update their status as per the client deals from time to time. This way, property management becomes a lot easier for them, saving plenty of their time in the process. The good thing about these platforms is that they do not require any type of technical knowledge to list or manage the properties. Everything can be done easily through the platform by just following the given instructions.

If you are also a realtor, you need to use these softwares to ease your listing job. This blog will help you to know about the names of popular property management platforms available in the market. You can pick anyone of them based on your functional requirements, so let’s start from the basics below understanding what is a property management software.

What is a Property Management Software?

Real estate property

Property management software is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline and automate the tasks associated with managing real estate properties. Built by any professional software development company, it serves as a centralized platform that enables property managers, landlords, and real estate professionals to efficiently handle various aspects of property operations. The software typically encompasses a range of functionalities, including but not limited to rent collection, lease management, maintenance tracking, and communication with tenants.

One key feature of property management software is its ability to simplify the rent collection process. It allows property managers to set up automated rent payments, send reminders to tenants, and track payment histories, reducing the administrative burden and ensuring timely payments. Lease management is another critical aspect addressed by this software, helping users create, store, and manage lease agreements digitally.

Maintenance tracking and communication tools are integral components of property management software, enabling users to log and prioritize maintenance requests, schedule repairs, and communicate with tenants seamlessly. Additionally, the software often includes financial reporting features that assist property managers in generating statements, tracking expenses, and gaining insights into the overall financial health of the properties they manage.

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Key Features of a Property Management Software

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A property management software comes up with various types of advanced features. They allow realtors to perform some basic operations with ease, so that they can focus more on the core jobs. If you do not know which features are considered important in a property management software, take a look at the list defined below.

Streamlined Rent Payments

Property management software plays a pivotal role in expediting rent collection processes and fostering efficient communication with tenants. The significance lies in the software’s capacity to facilitate swift, dependable, and semi-automated rent payments, offering property managers an invaluable tool for seamless financial transactions. A considerable number of property management software solutions go beyond mere rent collection by providing a comprehensive tenant portal.

Moreover, the tenant portal feature within property management software brings about a paradigm shift in the dynamics of communication and transaction handling. Not only does it empower tenants to manage their financial obligations efficiently, but it also fosters a transparent and accessible channel for property managers to communicate important information. This is what makes web app development for property management becomes highly important, especially for those that regularly deal with property tenants.

Trust Accounting Workflows

Trust accounting is an essential aspect of property management, involving the regular disbursal of funds to property owners and suppliers, issuance of statements, and the maintenance of balanced accounts. When relying on a server-based system, this process can consume a significant amount of time, ranging from two hours to half a day. Such time-intensive procedures not only hinder efficiency but also result in considerable lost productivity on a weekly basis.

Conversely, opting for a cloud-based system equipped with trust accounting workflows and automated functionalities for handling bills, disbursements, and reconciliation offers a transformative solution. By leveraging the capabilities of a cloud-based platform, property managers can substantially minimize the need for manual data entry and simplify their workload.

Cloud Accessibility

The concept of storing data “online in the cloud” implies that information is securely stored on remote servers accessible through the internet. Traditional on-premise servers typically demand an IT team for installation, maintenance, and upgrades, contributing to operational complexities and increased costs. The shift towards cloud-based property management software not only ensures cost efficiency but also introduces a range of benefits, particularly in terms of enhanced flexibility and accessibility.

Beyond the economic advantages, cloud property management software offers increased adaptability and accessibility to users. By hosting data in the cloud, property managers can eliminate downtime and work from any location at any time. This flexibility is particularly valuable in the dynamic field of property management, allowing professionals to access critical information, perform tasks, and make decisions without being tethered to a specific physical location.

Rapid Communication

An indispensable aspect of property management software lies in its ability to facilitate streamlined communication. It is a known fact that effective communication always comes on top in successful realtor/client relationships. To elevate customer experience, property management software should incorporate features like customizable templates, message automation, owner and tenant access.

Customizable templates within the software enable property managers to tailor their communication to specific contexts, enhancing the relevance and effectiveness of their messages. Automated messaging ensures timely and consistent communication, reducing the likelihood of overlooked or delayed interactions. Owner and Tenant access features provide clients with a user-friendly interface, allowing them to effortlessly access pertinent information whenever necessary.

Compliance Management

For property managers, maintaining a delicate balance and adhering to legislative functional requirements is paramount, as failure to do so can result in substantial penalties and potential loss of licensure. To navigate these challenges effectively, it is crucial for property management software to incorporate comprehensive compliance management features. These features should facilitate the easy tracking and management of compliance tasks such as smoke alarm checks, pool safety inspections, and others.

Furthermore, in the context of trust account audits, property managers must provide detailed reports on the proper maintenance of trust monies records and identify any discrepancies in the trust account. An effective property management software should include features and warning alerts designed to keep property managers well-informed about their portfolio’s financial aspects. This involves not only staying organized but also maintaining a meticulous digital paper system.

Most Used Property Management Software in the Industry

If you are a realtor, you need to use a proper management software to handle your property listings. Now, there are plenty of such softwares available in the market, but only some of them offer quality features. If you do not know which of these platforms are rated best for property management, take a look at the list defined below.


Entrata webpage

Entrata serves as an extensive property management solution specifically crafted to assist property owners and operators in various management responsibilities, incorporating features for marketing, leasing, management, and accounting, among others. The software provider is also dedicated to aiding renters throughout their entire journey, from initial house hunting as it leads to transitioning into rent-paying residents.

Within Entrata’s suite of marketing tools, ProspectPortal stands out, functioning as a website builder featuring user-informed templates, a user-behavior tracker, and a virtual assistant designed to facilitate the conversion of leads into prospects. Once the leasing process, aided by Leasing Center agents, concludes with the signing of a new resident’s lease, subsequent communication and transactions between property staff and residents seamlessly occur through ResidentPortal.

Yardi Breeze

Yardi breeze app)

Yardi Breeze is a user-friendly and comprehensive property management software designed to streamline various aspects of property management for real estate professionals. This cloud-based solution caters to the needs of property owners, managers, and operators, offering a range of features to simplify tasks related to leasing, accounting, marketing, and maintenance.

One of the notable features of Yardi Breeze is its ability to automate and centralize essential property management functions. This includes tools for online leasing, rent collection, financial reporting, and communication with tenants. The software’s cloud-based nature enables users to access real-time data from anywhere, promoting efficiency and collaboration among team members.


Appfolio webpage

AppFolio is a popular property management software solution that empowers real estate professionals to efficiently handle various aspects of property management. Catering to the needs of property owners, managers, and leasing agents, AppFolio offers a robust platform that integrates key functionalities such as online leasing, rent collection, and maintenance tracking. The software’s user-friendly interface and intuitive design make it accessible to users of all levels of technical expertise.

One of AppFolio’s standout features is its cloud-based nature, enabling users to access crucial property information from anywhere with an internet connection. This promotes flexibility and collaboration among team members, especially for those managing multiple properties or working remotely. AppFolio’s automation capabilities streamline workflows, reducing manual tasks and allowing property professionals to focus on delivering excellent service to tenants and property owners alike.


Innago webpage

Innago stands out among property management software providers, particularly catering to small and mid-sized property owners overseeing commercial and residential properties. Positioned as a user-friendly solution, Innago offers free resident management software that is not only easy to learn but also effortlessly navigable. This software is compatible with mobile devices, providing property operators with a versatile tool to streamline daily operations.

This comprehensive platform encompasses a wide array of functionalities aimed at simplifying property management tasks. Users can benefit from features such as work order tracking, built-in communication tools, rental payment management, online leasing capabilities, and more others. Innago’s tenant screening module adds an extra layer of functionality, enabling property managers to generate detailed reports on potential tenants.

Buildinglink webpage) stands as a widely adopted property management platform, trusted by numerous high-end buildings across the United States and globally. This sophisticated platform is strategically designed to cater to various types of residential communities, including condominiums, cooperative housing, homeowners associations (HOAs), and multi-family housing.

In addition to its comprehensive features, BuildingLink distinguishes itself by seamlessly integrating with other prominent software solutions such as Yardi, Entrata, and Condo Manager. This integration expands its capabilities, offering users access to a broader array of services, including advanced accounting functionalities, streamlined payment solutions, and cutting-edge smart home automation.

Benefits of Using Property Management Software

There are many benefits of using a property management software. It helps you to streamline different property management tasks without requiring much time or efforts. Here are some of the core advantages of using these platforms for property management.

Management and Tracking

Property management software is a comprehensive tool designed to streamline and enhance the management and tracking of properties. This software provides a centralized platform for property managers to efficiently handle various tasks, such as rent collection, lease tracking, maintenance requests, and financial reporting. Through automation, property management software reduces manual efforts and minimizes the risk of errors, ensuring accurate and up-to-date records.

Tenant Application and Screening

Property management software significantly streamlines the process of managing tenant applications. This software typically offers an integrated and user-friendly platform where property managers can collect, organize, and review rental applications efficiently. It allows for online submission of applications, making the process more convenient for both prospective tenants and property managers.

Client Contact Management

Property management software plays a crucial role in efficient contact management by providing a centralized and organized platform for handling various relationships within the real estate industry. This software typically includes a robust contact database that allows property managers to store and manage information related to property owners, tenants, vendors, and other stakeholders.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a property management software?
A property management software is a platform where realtors can manage all the property listings with ease. It provides different types of features to them that makes overall estate listing management easy.
How to develop a property management software?
Property management software can be developed by following an organized development plan. It includes proper market research, selection of advanced tools, in-depth software quality assurance testing and more others.
Which property management software are more popular in the market?
Realtors use different types of property management platforms to handle their day to day operations. It includes various popular names like Entrata, AppFolio, Innago, Yardi Breeze and more others.

Final Words

That brings us to the end of this blog in which we have discussed about the utility of property management softwares. These platforms are undoubtedly very helpful for the realtors, as they provide tons of management features to them. From contact management to property lease tracking, there are countless features available in these platforms that makes them a must-have for realtors. This blog has listed some of the top property management software available in the market currently. You can use anyone of them that suits to your requirements, offering adequate features for real estate management.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for a company that can help you to create an advanced property management software, give us a call today. We will help you to develop cutting-edge software products rightly as per the needed requirements.

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