9 Best Web Design Trends You Must Need to Try Out

The evolving world of web designing is getting bigger day by day. It has become quite advanced due to the emergence of new tools and technologies. People are now following different web design trends to bring creativity in their work. From holistic design to interactive UI experience, there are a whole lot of things that are being done by the web designers these days. All of these things look very creative to the eye, provided they are done accurately according to the standards.

Talking about the web design trends, it has certainly changed a lot in the last few years. The introduction of new front-end languages like Vue.JS, Angular, React and more others have opened up several ways for the designers to create unique interfaces for the websites. This has started a chain of trends that has quickly evolved rapidly over the last few years. And not just for the websites, but these design trends have also changed for smartphone apps, allowing UI designers to work with a more creative approach.

If you are also a web designer who is just starting out in the field, you must need to learn these new web design trends quickly. In this article, we have discussed some of the best trends that are currently popular in the industry. Using these few practices, you can make your website’s front-end highly interactive for the users. Let’s first understand the evolution of web designing and why it has become so important for the success of any web application.

Evolution of Web Designing

Evolution of web designing

Web designing has come a long way in the last couple of decades. It has not remained to its conventional stage where websites were only built with a static front-end. Instead, web designing has now become highly creative due to the introduction of new programming languages. Designers are using them to construct unique interfaces according to the leading standards. This has inspired everyone to bring more evolution in the rapidly growing web-designing field.

It could be perfectly said that web designing is now touching new standards of advancement. Besides being interactive, it is now integrating futuristic practices in the development of user interfaces such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and more others. This certainly defines the bright imminent future of web development services, as how it will further evolve by incorporating amazing techniques of digital creativity.

Importance of Creative Web Designing

Web designing is very important because it provides a front face to any website. People generally build perceptions by looking at the visuals of a website. If they will find it non-engaging, then the bounce rate of the website will automatically increase. The reason is that no one wants to buy any product or service from a website that is visually non-attractive. It is an obvious fact that must be considered while creating the front-end of any website.

Due to the same reason, web designers nowadays pay heavy attention on the designing of website front-end. They know that conventional designing cannot give their website the required attraction. Gone are the days when static websites were used for company branding on the internet. This concept has become outdated, and now companies want to represent themselves with a more interactive look.

This makes creative web designing highly important. It is the first thing that comes into the notice whenever a visitor comes across your website. Their decision to convert depends largely on the effectiveness of this design. It is therefore recommended to hire an experienced web developer who has got enough knowledge of both areas. You can find plenty of these individuals in the market, provided you are searching at the right marketplace.

Creating a website according to the trends is the best bet to gain attention. If you are not taking advantage of these trends, then you are certainly losing a lot. This method is also effective because it lets you know what type of design is currently trending in the market. It makes your mind clear, allowing you to work with a targeted approach.

Meanwhile, if you do not have much knowledge about the current web designing trends, take a look at some of the techniques defined below.

Memphis Design

Memphis design

Memphis design is basically a modern adaptation of the late 80’s graphic designing. If you will look at its theme closely, you can notice that same resemblance. This design requires perfect combination of colors used in a close sequence. This could also make your web page look a bit gaudy, but you can minimize that effect also by using lighter shades of colors. Make sure to pick those that matches your theme, otherwise it could look a random selection. The ideal place to use Memphis design is definitely on top of the front page, as it always comes first into the notice.

Layered Borders

Border web design

Image source

Another web designing technique that is fast becoming a top trend in the market is the layered border design. It is a very simple designing technique that divides the web page by layered borders. Now, it depends on the designer how he wants to sketch them on the web page, as it could either be a thick layering or a thin design depending on the functional requirements. This design makes the page look very organized, provided you have divided every section neatly. It suits best for ecommerce sites where different types of products are shown with divided borders.

Interactive Design

Interactive web design

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Making the web page interactive for users is the new go-to way in web designing. This is a very creative technique in which designers use interactive materials on the front-end. The purpose of using this design is to engage people at the first glance. This type of designing also requires great technical knowledge of the latest front-end tools like Angular, React, Ember.js and more others. Without them, you cannot bring powerful interactive visuals in your web page. So, try to learn these latest Java frameworks, as they are becoming a hot pick for modern web designing. 

Text-only Web Page

Text-only web design)

Image source

It definitely sounds an old-school method to design a web page, but text-only technique is still a top trend in the market. The major reason why designers opt for this method is to keep the web page simple. While, the page look content-heavy, the lesser amount of graphical images makes the front-end very decent. The selection of background color and typeface holds a high importance in this design. You have to pick both of them very carefully after analyzing your main branding theme. This design offers a great opportunity to attract customers by the power of words, provided they are written with a strong sales pitch.

Horizontal Scrolling

Norebro web design

Websites these days are normally created with a vertical scrolling design. However, it can be changed a little bit with the introduction of horizontal scrolling. This is a new concept that can make the navigation of the website highly creative. It can be used for websites that have more number of visual elements. This means that horizontal scrolling can be used for portfolio websites, catalog maps, and more others. It can certainly make websites more appealing, if designed properly using the right tools.

Ultra-Minimalist Design

Minimalist web design

Another technique that is increasingly getting popular in the market is the ultra-minimalist design. It gives the website front-end a very subtle touch. The color combination used for this design is generally light and simple. It doesn’t follow the conventional approach of using glitzy colors on the web page. This makes the job of designers a bit difficult, as they have to pick the light shades very smartly. Besides colors, the typography and graphics for this design should also be created diligently. All of the elements in this type of front-end should not look flashy, as that could ruin the whole theme of this design.

Overlapping Text & Images

Overlapping design is also becoming a hot trend in the global web designing industry. It uses a creative technique to overlap text on the images and vice versa. This designing method also requires good technical skills and a sound knowledge of overlapping design. You cannot just randomly place a text over a picture. The knowledge of putting enough text inside the image is also necessary, because you cannot overstuff the images with texts. It is best recommended to first look into some examples to learn perfectly how to work with this design.

Animated Illustrations

Modern web designing is all about animation. It is the most amazing method to bring creativity in the web page. Nowadays, people pay attention to those visuals that are visually interactive. This makes animated illustrations a perfect choice, because it shows a motion that can attract customers. The concept to create and use those animations is also very important. You cannot just create any type of animation by your choice for the web page. It is a targeted visual element that needs to be created with perfection, so that people can look into it to understand the idea of a web page design.

Retro Style

Retro web design

The specific theme of retro style is also a nice trend to follow in web designing. It is basically one of the evergreen methods that never goes out of fashion. Not just web designing, but retro style is still widely used in different types of graphic design. People find this design very alluring, as it carries a unique nostalgic touch in the design. There are various methods with which you can bring that retro feel in your web page. You can use the glitzy style of 80s or could also go with the popular minimalist theme of 90s. It depends on your choice, and the requirements of company’s online branding.

Final Words

That concludes our entire article in which we have discussed about latest web design trends in the industry. Being a web designer, you must need to know about these trends to build creative websites. Nowadays, companies generally prefer to hire those designers who are well skilled and have knowledge about the current designing techniques. These designer have the advantage to work on all types of websites rightly according to the given requirements.

Meanwhile, if you are looking to hire web designers who can build creative websites as per the latest trends, contact us today. Our web designers are quite proficient in building all types of websites that can engage customers right at the first glance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is web designing important?
Web designing is hugely important for the success of any website. It gives a first impression to the visitors which then helps them to convert or buy products/services from the website.
What are the current web design trends for 2022?
The web design industry is currently filled up with different types of design techniques. However, some of them are getting huge attention, including horizontal scrolling, text-only pages, minimalist design and more others.
What is a minimalist web design?
A minimalist web design uses the technique of keeping things simple on the web page. This means that all the graphics, texts and other elements are designed with a lighter tone to make websites look simple.
What are the web design trends for 2023?
It is being said that web designing will become more advanced in 2023. People will use more interactive elements in the web pages to make them look attractive for the visitors. Some of the web designs trends like memphis design, retro styling, animated illustrations and more will become popular in the coming year.
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