Augmented Reality App Development: Key Things to Know About

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The tech world is witnessing a massive evolution with the emergence of technologies like augmented reality. It gives people a live realistic view of different things that cannot be imagined conventionally. This is the major reason why more and more augmented reality apps are coming into the market lately. Earlier, it was just seen as another source of fun, but recently, augmented reality has also found a great footing in the commercial market. Due to this reason, many companies are paying attention towards augmented reality app development. They understand its importance in the coming times, as how it can help to grab more customers by showcasing live interaction.

The development of AR apps is however not that easy. It is quite different from the conventional software development, and only experienced professionals are advised to pursue this field. The reason is that augmented reality app development requires you to be skilled in various advanced tools and technologies. It is not something that can be easily done by hiring .NET developers, instead, it requires highly expert tech teams. Furthermore, AR development usually requires bigger budget, which is why it should be only pursued by established agencies.

Unfortunately, many beginners do not know about these important facts. They are just fascinated by the creative looks of AR apps showcasing many things live. These people do not understand the things that are running at the backend of the AR applications. It is therefore advised to them to first learn about the basics of augmented reality app development, and then take it as a profession. In this blog, we will discuss about AR app development in more detail, so that beginners can understand the overall working procedure of augmented reality apps.

However, before moving straight into that, let us first understand the importance of augmented reality app development, as why its trend is rising quite rapidly in the market. 

Importance of Augmented Reality App Development

Augmented reality

Augmented reality is quickly becoming an important field of modern-day immersive technology. It has shown how reality can be augmented or altered by using some creative techniques. Though AR is still in its fancy stages, but it has shown great potential to reach the skies in the coming times. The main reason behind its popularity is the unique demonstration of reality through the eyes of a software. Earlier, graphical illustration was seen as the only way of representation, but that perception is now getting changed with the emergence of augmented reality.

Going back a little, the first application that founded the bases of augmented reality was Pokemon Go. It certainly became an instant hit because the application showcased a new way how reality can be altered a bit through the lens of a software. After the release of Pokemon Go, the trend started to build up and other similar interactive applications were introduced in the market. The arrival of Google Lens was also a part of this trend, as this application also showcased a unique potential of augmented reality.

So, augmented reality has now found a strong footing in the market due to being pursued by top tech giants. Currently, there is a lot of work going on in the field of augmented reality, as tech companies are investing heavily in it. Not just entertainment apps, but commercial sector is also seeing AR as a potential method to showcase their products/services. The examples of IKEA Place app suits perfect here, as it is also built on the same concept of augmented reality.

How to Create an AR Application: 5 Steps to Follow

Creating an augmented reality application is not that easy as it looks. It can’t be done by taking simple mobile app development services, hence proper knowledge and understanding is required for the job. A lot of times, beginners do not understand how augmented reality app development works. That is because they do not know about the basics which is certainly very important for this field.

If you are also one of them who is struggling to create an AR application, we expect you’d be doing the same mistake. But, fret not, this blog will help to clear some of your confusions, as it will define the core rules below that will help you to get started in AR app development.

Let’s take a look at them in detail below.

Research the Industry

Market research

Before starting any project, it is always advised to conduct a brief market research. This is an essential step that is recommended for all types of projects. From graphic designing to AR software development, industry research is considered key for everything. It helps you to know about different things that are being discussed regularly. If you will shape your project according to that, you will get better chances of success, otherwise you could simply waste your efforts.

For augmented reality app development, industry research is certainly termed very important. It lets you know how others are working in this field, and what type of things you need to learn now. As defined above, the AR industry is still developing, which means there are lot of things available to learn. If you will do the research properly, you will get a broader perspective how the AR field is developing and what type of technologies are being used in it.

Based on this research, you can plan your development project better. It will give you an idea how the application should be made to meet the standards of the current market. This is quite an important information that helps you to move forward positively in the project.

Select Application Type

Next up, you need to choose which type of application you want to create lately. This means that whether you want to create a native or cross-platform app, the selection should be done smartly in this stage. A lot of times, people do not look into this fact at the start of the project. They basically ignore the basics of development, which precisely showcases their immaturity in the field. As a result, they face several problems during the development which literally eats most of their precious time.

It is therefore best advised to decide the type of AR application at the start of the project. Nowadays, companies prefer to create hybrid applications, as they are supported on most of the platforms. However, creating them requires a good command on different programming languages. This is the core reason why companies always look to hire dedicated developers to create such advanced applications. These developers always ensure quality, no matter how big or complex the software project is.

Besides hybrid applications, you can also go for specific web AR development. It is an advanced form of development that offers better features and functionalities. If you are looking to build an application based on web AR, make sure to always hire experienced professionals to get the best quality work.

Build a Design Mockup

App mockup design

After finalizing the application type, you need to start the development process. But, before doing that, it is recommended to create a mockup first. This advice is purely given on the basis of market experience, as developers often commit several mistakes while creating mobile apps. By focusing on a mockup first, you get a free hand to use different practices. In this phase, you will not be bothered after doing any mistake because that can be resolved timely during the process.

By creating a mockup, you also get a chance to have constructive feedback from the clients. You can show the mockup to them to know about their views and suggestions. This way, you can easily get to know what they are aspiring or need to have in the AR application. If you will get this feedback timely, then it will become easier for you to do the changes in the design as per the given suggestions.

This approach always works well in the development of mobile apps. Not just that, it is highly beneficial in the designing of branding elements as well. From logos to business cards, you can always take good benefits from mockups, provided you’ve got the right understanding of creating raw designs.

Start AR App Development

Once your mockup is finalized and you have a clear idea how the application should look like, move towards the actual app development phase. This will be the most important stage and it would require your complete attention from the start to finish. A strong software development methodology will also be required for AR app development because it helps to keep you focused on a particular path. It provides a complete plan for development, so that you can figure out every task timely.

To bring better efficiency in the work, it is recommended to divide the production into multiple releases. It is a tried and tested method followed by most software engineering teams around the world. It lets you develop an application into multiple stages, so that testing can also be done timely. You can assign different teams for this purpose, as it will help to speed up various tasks.

Meanwhile, also make sure to work with correct AR development SDKs to get quality results. Nowadays, there are plenty of options available in the market, so try to select the best from them that suits your dev requirements. It includes many renowned platforms like ARToolKit, Vuforia, Maxst, Apple ARKit and more others.

Finalize the Development

Lastly, try to conclude everything smartly after completing the app development process. It is best recommended to conduct a final QA testing session to see the functionality of every application component. It will give a final release call if there are no errors found at the end of the process. This will ensure whether the application is working according to the needed requirements or not.

Once you have cross checked all the points, go for the final release of the AR application. It will be the end of the process in which you will present the AR application for the general public usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is augmented reality?
Augmented reality offers a unique interactive experience of the real world through computer-generated visual illustration. It is a new technology that is growing rapidly due to showcasing a fresh way to interact with live real world things.
What is augmented reality used for?
Using cameras and sensors of mobile apps, AR technology tracks the real world environment to stimulate different types of live interaction. Users can experience augmented reality from different devices including smart glasses, mobiles, tablets and more others.
How to create augmented reality apps?
To create augmented reality apps, you need to keep different points in mind. First up, you need to conduct a brief market research, then you have to select a correct type of mobile application that can support AR technology. Afterward, you need to build a mockup and then create an app as per the given demands.
What is the cost of augmented reality apps?
The cost of an augmented reality app is quite high and expensive. Generally, it starts from $15K which can increase more depending on the size and complexity of the application.
Which agency should be selected for augmented reality app development?
To create augmented reality apps, you need to pick an agency that is well versed in using modern AR tools and technologies. Furthermore, they should know how to offer immersive experience through the apps to build a solid base of augmented reality.

Final Words

That brings us to the end of this blog in which we have discussed about augmented reality app development in detail. It is certainly an important topic that needs to be understood properly. A lot of time, people commit mistakes while developing AR applications only due to not having enough knowledge. In this article, we have defined some basic rules that will help to clear plenty of confusion of the beginners. It will let them understand how augmented reality app development works and why it should be done using the right strategies.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for an agency that can help you to develop quality AR apps, get in touch with us today. We will assist you to create quality AR mobile applications, rightly as per the needed requirements.

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