7 Best .NET Development Tools to Help You Code Better in 2023

Know About the Best .NET Development Tools for Visual Studio

It is an undoubted fact that .NET is considered one of the top development platforms for software applications. As a developer, you can code any type of application or program on .NET as long as you have the required knowledge of it. Nowadays, there are tons of premade .NET development tools also available in the market that allows people to streamline different development operations. These tools are not hard to use, as they come up with several integrated features that helps to streamline various critical tasks.

Being a beginner, you can get great assistance from these .NET development tools, as they are made precisely for the budding developers. That is what makes .NET a highly desirable framework for beginners as well. These variety of tools help them to perform different types of operations, such as core programming, debugging, performance analysis and more others. You can pick any desired tool from the available stack depending on your functional requirements. It not only helps to simplify your manual work, but also assists in saving some precious time so that you can focus on some other tasks of the project.

In this article, we will enlist some of the most popular .NET development tools used by the software developers. These tools help them to perform various tasks in a much faster time as compared to doing them manually.  Let’s first understand the importance of these tools, as how they assist developers in building any software application.

How .Net Development Tools Streamlines Work?

Importance of .net development tools

We all know about the problems a budding developer face while coding his/her first application. It often becomes so difficult for them that they even try to quit development at the start of their careers. There is no doubt that doing the dev work manually often brings a lot of toll on the developers, especially the new ones. Despite reading dozens of .NET development guide, they can easily get stuck in any problem if it is too complicated for them to resolve. This can eventually lead them to burnout, as constant failures often forces the people to quit.

The usage of precised .NET development tools is therefore recommended to simplify these painstaking problems. They can help new comers to understand the development concept and perform several critical functions easily. Not just coding, but these tools can ease other operations for them, such as debugging, web application testing and more without requiring any manual work.

Today, you can find tons of .NET development tools available in the market. They have been constantly produced and updated by different tech hubs to ease various types of dev operations. These tools have allowed plenty of software engineers to offer quality .NET development services rightly as per the latest standards. Though some of them are paid, but they offer good dividends to the developers in terms of simplifying their highly critical tasks. This is the major reason why not only newbies but also experienced developers prefer to use these tools, as they come pretty handy in easing up various dev jobs.

Best .NET Development Tools: Code Editors and IDEs

Code editors

Code editors and IDEs are termed most important for developing software applications. They come up with various advanced features that helps to simplify programming in great detail. Here are some of the best code editors and IDEs known in the market for programming software apps.

Visual Studio IDE

Visual Studio is undoubtedly the best code editor available in the market. It is widely used by the .NET developers around the world. The reason is that it is super-easy to use that even a beginner can get started on it quickly. Produced by Microsoft, the Visual Studio is said to be a full-featured development platform where you can find plethora of dev features. It helps to create, modify and ship application code from start to finish, giving software programmers complete control over different operations.

The auto code completion feature of Visual Studio allows developers to code quickly in the IDE. It provides hints and suggestions intelligently during the live programming, so that developers can easily write an extended bunch of code within a short period of time. Besides that, it also provides some other advanced features to further simplify development, such as repository integration, code troubleshooting and more others.

Jet Brain’s Rider

Another important IDE that can help you code quickly is Jet Brain’s Rider editor. It is a highly interactive platform that supports .NET Core applications on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. The IDE has seen number of updates in terms of improving performance, runtime support, version control integration and more other features.

It has been noted that many software programmers have rated Jet Brain’s Rider more fast and capable over Visual Studio. They have switched from VS Code to Rider due to its overall efficiency and performance in coding. It is also termed more lightweight as compared to Visual Studio or any other IDE available in the market. This is one of the core factors that makes it a preferred choice of the programmers, especially the ones that are new to the dev field.

Looking For Expert .Net Developers?

Best .NET Development Tools: Top Package Managers

Software package manager

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Package managers are equally important for developers while creating any software application. Their usage in .NET platform becomes more handy as they come up with various third party components. Here are some of the top package managers that should be used while developing software apps on .NET platform, such as a CRM software.


NuGet is widely used by the .NET developers to create and browse NuGet packages. It is an open source software that comes up with a graphical user interface integrated with various features. Built specifically for the .NET platform, NuGet allows developers to access wide database of .NET third party components. This means that developers aren’t required to search or surf manually on the internet to find third party components. They can rather do this by using NuGet which comes up with a vast plethora of popular .NET dev components.

If you are an agency that is looking to hire an expert .NET developer, make sure that he/she is well versed with the usage of NuGet. It is considered to be the primary tool for integrating framework, libraries and modules in your .NET applications. This is the major reason why developers prefer it while creating any type of software application. It is a package manager that works as a central repository for tons of premade .NET components. The good thing about this tool is that it is available in more than 125 international languages. This is a great feature, as it allows people from different backgrounds to easily access and work with the tool.

NPM for .NET Libraries

Besides NuGet, there are also plenty of package managers available for .NET platform such as npm. It is a great tool that is recently added by the Microsoft Visual Studio as an alternative to NuGet. This tool also comes up with an advanced interface that lets you find different types of .NET libraries and modules required for the development. Those people who want to use something different than NuGet, can use this tool to get their dev work done.

The good thing about npm is that it is highly lightweight and doesn’t consumes much resources on Visual Studio. This means that you can use the npm efficiently without worrying about any additional load on the platform. The third party components available on npm are also continuously updated to with the passage of time. This is done to ensure that the repository is up to date with all the latest packages that are required by the .NET developers.

Best .NET Development Tools: Formatting Applications

Code formatting tools

Formatting tools comes very handy for the developers in terms of maintain the code quality. They allow you to produce the code in a consistent style that could be easily understood and re-used in other applications. Here are some of the best .NET formatting tools you should know about.


SonarQube is an open source tool used to analyze the quality of the of the software code. You can take it as a code-review product that lets you know how the code quality should be maintained. A lot of times, developers get confused in understanding their own code, as it is written in a very messy style. SonarQube helps them to produce their code in a consistent style, so that it could not make anyone confused during the re-check.

SonarQube comes up with a strong backend community that provides great hands-on assistance to the developers. They can ask various things with the other developers to make their coding strong and consistent. Meanwhile, the tool also allows to integrate additional analyzers with the help of premade plugins. They are quite easy to setup and configure, allowing developers to quickly get started with them. It should definitely be considered a complete tool to maintain uniformity in your coding style, rightly as per the professional standards.


Just as the name suggest, the primary purpose of this tool is to bring regularity in the coding style. It is an easy to use tool that could be quickly integrated with the .NET development platform within just a few minutes. The feature that makes this tool great for the developers is that it allows them to customize the existing rules as per their own styling specifications. This way, they can use their own coding practices without being interrupted by any premade settings.

The tool comes up with three different versions to make coding easier for the developers. This includes StyleCop Visual Studio extension, StyleCop.MSBuild and StyleCop.ReSharper. You can use any of them by looking at the requirements of your projects or practices being preferred for coding.


ReSharper is a great tool to optimize the quality of your software code. It is developed by JetBrains as an added extension to analyze code quality. This tool works flawlessly well in languages like C#, VB.NET, XAML, JavaScript and more others. The analysis done by the tool is pretty accurate, allowing you to know where the correctness is exactly required in the code.

ReSharper has a great capability to not only warn you about the potential coding mistakes, but also its quick fixes. This is the major reason why ReSharper is loved by the .NET developers community, as it enables them to write and fix code on the go.

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Final Words

That takes us to the end of this blog in which we have discussed different types of .NET development tools used in the modern day world. These tools are renowned because they offer variety of features to the developers. They can allow you to perform various operations quickly during the development such as code formatting, software debugging, managing third party packages and more others.

Using these advanced .NET development tools, you can make sure to produce software applications without any major errors. You can also use them easily by just having a core background knowledge, as that allows you to handle these tools more efficiently. 

Meanwhile, if you are looking for a professional .NET development agency that can help you to build advanced software apps, get in touch with us today. Our experts are quite proficient in using .NET to build powerful software applications, rightly as per the given client requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why .NET development tools are used?
It is recommended to use .NET development tools to simplify various tasks involved in software development. These tools streamline different operations that are termed difficult to handle manually by a developer.
How many types of .NET development tools are available?
There are different types of .NET development tools used by the people. Not just for simple coding, but several other tools related to formatting, QA testing, debugging and more are also widely available in the market.
Which IDE should be used for .NET software development?
There are plenty of IDEs available in the market for .NET development. The best one among all is Microsoft Visual Studio. It is highly advanced and feature-rich as compared to other IDEs used for .NET development.
Which is the best debugging tool for .NET environment?
There are variety of debugging tools you can use to debug your .NET applications. However, dnSpy is the most popular and renowned among many in the market. Its superfast speed and in-depth code debugging makes it a top choice for all the professional .NET developers.  
Which is the best formatting tool for coding?
You can use plenty of tools to bring consistency in your coding style. However, according to the market specifics, StyleCop is rated best among different types of options available in the market.
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